Mitsubishi Estate operates community-based service offices in the Marunouchi-Otemachi area, to accelerate business growth for startups


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Business Support
Business Matching
We introduce a wide range of companies and experts and provide business matching services by conducting events and seminars.
Recruitment Support
We provide support to companies by introducing HR companies and conducting internal recruitment events.
PR Support
We support PR activities by providing opportunities for media coverage and offer companies to give presentations in a variety of events.
Verification Experiments
We provide sites for verification experiments in and around the Marunouchi area.
Excellent Location
A World-leading Business Center
Marunouchi, Tokyo—the center of the Japanese economy, is a world-leading business center, home to some of the world's major corporations. Locating an office here means brand power and credibility for your company.
The Marunouchi area is easily accessible from major cities and airports across Japan. Connected with 22 major Railways, it is located within 20 minutes from major stations across the city.
Bustling Hub
Marunouchi is not just a central business district.It is home to all types of seasonal events, hotels, fitness centers, and shopping facilities.Marunouchi is a fantastic area to enjoy a bustling yet private city life.
Wide Line-up of OfficeSpaces
Ranging from small and medium, to large office spaces, we offer a wide line-up of facilities to accommodate the individual stage of your growth.
Flexible Contracts
Flexible movement within the facility and buildings managed by us during your contract period (without penalty).
In addition to the all-inclusive office spaces that enable you to start working with by just bringing in your PC, you could conduct seminars and events in the facility, and use the shared conference rooms and lounges designed to conduct meetings of all types, large and small. A single office usage fee includes the use of conference room (set time), electricity, A/C (base time), Internet access, and cleaning services.
Food & Beverage Services
We offer a select menu with drinks including coffee and alcoholic beverages. We also offer speciality meals at EGG and Inspired.Lab.

Our Community

* Include Alumni (previous tenant) companies




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