Where technology and the future meet

Updating Tokyo Marunouchi.
That is, not as a solemn office district but as a cutting-edge town filled with possibilities.

We at Mitsubishi Estate Co., have redefined the Marunouchi area as a base for interactions between startups and major companies.

When their respective technological capabilities and possibilities intersect, entirely new value is created, and a completely new town is born.

People and companies can simultaneously drive one another and grow.
We aim for such a town.

Maranouchi, the town where technology and the future meet.
From here, a new Japan begins.

From this town to the future, together.

We are operating collaboration platforms (EGG JAPAN, *Global Business Hub Tokyo, FINOLAB, Inspired.Lab) targeting startup companies in Japan and overseas, making use of the resources in the Marunouchi and Otemachi areas where major companies congregate.

* The facility is operated by Global Business Hub Tokyo (a general Incorporated association).

Collaboration Platform

In addition to providing office space, we provide support for business development and the facilities necessary for business, such as collaborative meetings between startups and major companies with technological and execution capabilities and the creation of communities between companies.

The encounters in this town will surely become opportunities to build the future.


EGG JAPAN is a hub for business growth located in Marunouchi, one of the world's leading business clusters. It includes a business development office and the Tokyo 21c Club business club, and supports the creation and expansion of new businesses for enterprises.

A community specialized in open innovation where cutting-edge startups, large enterprise companies and professionals from various field are gathered.  The club supports new business development through providing networking opportunities such as business events and seminars which are held over 200 times every year.

Global Business Hub Tokyo is one of Japan's largest business support facilities for domestic and international startups and growing businesses. The facility is fully equipped with furnished offices for 2 to 20 people and an event space for up to 200 people, as well as meeting rooms and common-use lounges.

FINOLAB is a hub for creating innovation through financial technology, located in the world-leading international financial center of Otemachi, Tokyo. Like-minded FinTech startups and stakeholders come together here and work to build an ecosystem of financial innovation.

An innovation hub in Otemachi, in cooperation with SAP Japan. Equipped with furnished offices and studios, this is where collaborations between startups and major corporations are forged. We aim to create a hub that brings together technologies based on cutting-edge science with the potential to revolutionize tomorrow's industrial structure, and where collaborations between companies are born.


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